Namskar all friends, Today is represented Sardar Patel picture exhibition. On October 31, the date of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was born in the village of Nadiad in Kheda district. Hometown: Karamsad. Father : Zaverbhai. Mother : ladabai's fourth son. A study of English primary and primary schooling in Karamsad. Karamsad a gaana village In the 18th year of marriage with jhaverba. Nadiad the Government English School, matric exam at the age of 22 years. Children : daughter maniben in April 1904 and 28 November 1905, on the birth of dahyabhai. Wife's death : 11 January 1909. In March 1914, the 85-year-old Father jhaverabhai at Karamsad's death. 1915 Public Life: Ahmedabad Gujarat assembly membership and debut in public life. 15 December 1950 The death of this great man.

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Part - 5 Total 24 Picture


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