What you're interested in the creation of gazal ? What you're interested in music ? Very useful for any new poet e-book. Gujarati literature and music fans who are fond of this e - book is like keeping a hand. All books provide classical content. All authors have made it very hard to prepare the books. You can download the book and also tell your poet friends. The books that try to reach more people. I have put a total of 7 books. The P D F of all the books you can download. The book you want to download, click on its name. 

Shabd Sur na Shathiya
Gaurav Gurjari
Geet Gurjari
Gazal Graph Part - 1 
Gazal Graph Part - 2 
Gujarat ma Sugam Sangit ni Utkranti Part - 1
Gujarat ma Sugam Sangit ni Utkranti Part - 2


  1. આવા સુંદર - ઉપયોગી કામ બદલ ખૂબ અભિનંદન.

  2. ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર...

  3. dhanyawad ...aavi amulya mahiti share karva mate... ane gujarati gazal na abhyasu and jignasu mate bahu j upayogi information...