Proverbs in Gujarati language is very important. Any village, city, or area of the proverbs are special. In short there is much more to explain proverbs. Special meaning is hidden in proverbs. You Gujarati proverbs, one of the e-book is available for free download. Competitive examination for each of the e-book is very important. Proverbs is included in most of the Gujarati language. Proverbs will also be involved in other languages​​. Collection of Charotari Kahevato. (Charotar ma Bolati Kahevato no Sangrah) Author : Chatur Patel, First edition : 2006, Copy : 500, Price : 250, Cover : Kanu Patel, The cover picture, Chatur Patel, Original Book Page : 304, E-Book Total Page : 155, Chapter : 7, Introduction: Jayendra sekhadivala, Special Thanks : Chatur Patel, This e - book, click on the link below to download.