Standard 6 to 8 in the first and second session of Sanskrit poetry is included. All poems by different blog and website have been taken from the compilation. The poems are taken from the blog and website, thank you very much for all his friends. Those who recorded the sound of the poem is a special congratulations to him. The poems you can download for free and use it in school education. Tell your friends too. Sanskrit poetry sung by the children will be learning more fun. The poetry of the effort to reach more people. To download, click on the name of poetry.

Hasti Hasti Hasti    (STD - 6)
Daxin Padam          (STD - 6)
Bhavtu Bharatam  (STD - 6)
Megho Varshti       (STD - 7)
Chatak Chatak       (STD - 7)
Aamlam Draxafalam   (STD - 7)
Dhara Gurjari       (STD - 7)
Ahi Sudhirh           (STD - 8)
Putri Mam Khalu Nidrati  (STD - 8)