Siddharth - Short novel (Gujarati E-Book) 
Herman Hesse by Siddharth translation Mavjibhai Savla to have. This is a short novel based on the life of Gautam Buddha. The story of Gautama Buddha was written in the Indian environment. The book has been released from VicharvalonuParivar. The publisher is Dipakbhai sompura. Address : vicharvalonu Parivar, 406, vimurti Complex, Gurukul Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad. Pressman: Anuraj Graphics. Home Page Design : Nirmal sarteja. The book's translator is  Mavajibhai Savla. If you fill vicharvalonu magazine subscription, you will get a free book in many respects. vicharvalonu Parivar link To download, click on the following link. (Click on the link below)


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